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Fabrique, the boutique!

Who are Fabrique! Fashion Fabrics customers?
We have had customers from all around the world, whether they are apparel designers, fashion students, prom girls, home-sewers, brides, ice skaters, mother or grandmother of the bride/groom, dancers, or people who just love the feel and look of quality fabrics!
What makes our fabrics special?
Every fabric that Fabrique offers has been hand-picked by the employees for our customers. We take into consideration fashion trends, designer collections, celebrity styles, student projects, designer’s and dressmaker’s needs, color trends, classic looks, rare and unusual looks, and above all-the quality of each fabric.
Do we carry buttons?
We carry everything from classic to crazy buttons! Ever heard of Czechoslovakian buttons? Well, we have them! They are the most beautiful iridescent GLASS buttons! We carry buttons made from wood, coconut shells, mother of pearl, vintage, rhinestone, satin-covered, hand-painted, metals, and actual nickels that might’ve previously been at the bottom of your purse!
Do we have appliqués and trims?
Yes! We have appliqués and trims for any garment – formal dresses, bridal gowns, Chanel jackets, and even Ready-to-Wear looks. Everything from ribbons, feathers, leather, and Swarovski crystals, to woven, beaded, and embroidered.
Do we carry patterns?
Yes. We offer an array of independent pattern designers such as Christine Jonson, Decades of Style, Folkwear, Michie, Sewing Workshop, and our very own Fabrique! patterns. Also, we carry VOGUE Patterns at 40% off every day.
Can we create custom garments at your store?
Yes! To start this process you need a design and fabric! If you are inspired by a magazine or internet picture, designer dress, movie, or simply a pattern, please bring it with you. That gives us a good idea of what you are looking for. If you haven’t found your inspiration yet — come in, take a look at our fabrics and patterns and a design will be sparked! Once the design is chosen, we can help you find the perfect fabric. Every Fabrique employee knows how to sew- therefore they will know what works with each design or pattern. At this point in the process, we will be able to refer you to dressmaker. All the dressmakers we refer have not only come to us with wonderful work they have previously done, but through their time with us, they have resulted in quality garments time after time. The time frame for custom clothing depends on a couple factors: difficulty of design and the ultimate deadline you will need the garment to be finished. The best timing is usually 4 – 6 weeks before the event or deadline. Most fittings are done here at Fabrique – that gives us the opportunity to see the design transform into reality!!!
Do we ever have sales?
Yes! The best way of knowing about these sales is to sign up for our Petite Newsletter weekly email!
What are the weekly emails about?
We send out the “Petite Newsletter” every Wednesday. In each newsletter you will find new fabric updates, current classes, a tip or two about sewing, coupons and sale announcements!
Is everything we offer available online?
No, but we do try to keep our online inventory up to date as much as we can.
Most of our solid color fabrics (china silk, silk dupioni, silk charmeuse, silk chiffon, etc) are not posted online. Email us @ info@fabriquefabrics.com or call us @ (972) 943-3400 and we’ll be able to answer any inventory inquiry!
Do we cut swatches?
Yes! You can sample up to 5 free swatches at a time. We do not swatch fabrics over $100/yard**. To place a swatch request either e-mail us @ info@fabriquefabrics.com or call us @ (972) 943-3400. Please provide name and address, the item number, and the description of the fabric or trim you are wanting. We will cut and send it your as soon as possible.

**If the fabric or trim is over $100/yard, it is best to purchase 1/8th yard. This will give you the full width of the fabric to better understand the design, weight, and quality of the fabric.**